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WebP (Web Picture)

WebP is a relatively new image format proposed by Google Inc. in 2010. WebP can be used with or without loss of quality, with support for alpha channel or transparency for both cases. This format uses a generic compression algorithm based on standard JPEG to reduce image size while maintaining proper quality. WebP is gaining more and more popularity as the primary format for images on websites because it takes up less space while maintaining high quality. WebP is already supported by most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (from version 14).
File type: Image
File extension: .webp
Developed by: Google
Initial release: September 30, 2010

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

A GIF file is a bitmap that supports 256-color lossless compression graphics. An animated GIF is, in fact, not a video file, but an image, or rather, a sequence of static images. Contrary to popular belief, GIF files do not have to be animated; they can be regular static images. However, GIF gained the most popular mostly because of its support for animation. The GIF format also supports transparency - each pixel of an image can be in two states: transparent or opaque, translucency is not supported.
File type: Image
File extension: .gif
Developed by: CompuServe
Initial release: June 15, 1987